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€4M for pioneering cancer treatment


A Scottish biotech company has been awarded €4 million to develop its ‘next-generation’ cancer treatment.

TC BioPharm (TCB) will use the money from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 (H2020) fund to advance its GDT (gamma-delta T) cell therapy, which targets tumours. Specifically it will be used to progress the company’s ‘next-generation ‘allogeneic’ approach’. This means it can develop treatments using cells from donors – stored in a bio-bank – instead of from the patient with the disease. The first cancer patients are expected to receive the treatment in 2019.

TCB’s chief operating officer, Angela Scott, said: “We are thrilled that H2020 funding has been awarded, allowing us to treat large numbers of cancer patients across the EU and in North America.”

H2020 is Europe’s premier platform supporting the development of key innovations across the continent.

TCB’s chief executive, Dr Michael Leek, added: “With H2020 grant funding we remain steadfastly committed to working alongside our European clinical colleagues; we share a single goal of improving cancer patient health and quality of life across EU borders.  I look forward to developing our novel allogeneic GDT cell therapies with clinical partners at trial sites in Prague, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.”

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