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Dubai accelerator wants smart ideas


Have a look at developments in Dubai if you want an idea of how your city might look in the future. The most populous city in the United Arab Emirates is like an international show home for the future of smart living.

And it is the global capital of firsts.

Robocop was recently inducted into the Dubai police force, it is launching a passenger drone service and the city gathers energy from the sun using a flower-shaped solar panel. And the world will be in town to see the future firsthand during the 2020 Dubai Expo.

It also wants to be the happiest city on the planet by 2021.

And to support the city’s ambitions, one of the most productive startup platforms – Startupbootcamp – is running a Dubai accelerator with the aim to ‘accelerate 40 innovative startups working in the fields of IoT and connectivity, urban automation and smart transportation, open city data, sustainable cities and living, smart government, and smart retail’.

“We are thrilled to announce our first Smart City program in the region in a joint effort with the Dubai government and other local partners. We are excited to support the target of making Dubai the happiest city by 2021 through embracing innovation technology. Startupbootcamp has worldwide momentum, accelerating now over 420 startups in 19 different programs globally since 2010. We are working with startups who are really making the future better and we know Dubai will take us to a new level,” said Todd OBrien, who will lead the program.

Applications for the Startupbootcamp Smart City Dubai close on 15 September.

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