|13 October 2016|


A pioneering new project led by WWF and Murdoch University  is using drones to check on the health of a species of whales making a comeback from the brink of extinction.

The southern right whales were almost hunted out of existence but are thankfully still with us. This project is now using technology to check on their health and wellbeing.

With issues including marine debris and problems caused by oil and gas developments, it is vital to assess the impact the environment is having on their prospects.

Chris Johnson, WWF Australia Oceans Science Manager said: “WWF is working with Murdoch University on this innovative new project studying southern right whales using drones. Drones can give us a unique perspective into the lives and health of these animals.”

Murdoch University researcher Dr Fredrik Christiansen said: “There is still so much unknown about whales. My long-term goal is to understand how human impacts, both lethal and sub lethal, affect behaviour, health, and ultimately the recovery of whale populations.”