|31 October 2016|


Drones are increasingly being used to save lives thanks to their ability to access challenging environments quicker than humans.

Australia is leading the way with a number of pioneering projects and initiatives aimed at using drones for good.

One of those – the Angel Drone project – is a groundbreaking new consortium of companies from different industries united in their vision of improving the lives of Australian citizens.

By bringing technology companies, insurance firms, government and other key stakeholders together, the Angel Drone project is working to overcome the legislative, as well as the technical issues inevitably arising from widespread use of this technology, to create a secure service.

Aerolens will provide expert flight crew for the pilot project which, if successful, will use drones to deliver medical lifelines – including blood and organs – to remote locations as well as congested city centre locations.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority will have to be convinced though, through the pilot project, that it meets their strict safety requirements.