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Driverless busses to pick up students


A driverless bus service is to be launched for students at the University of Michigan (U-M) later this year.

Two 15-seaters, made by French company Navya, will provide a transport option for academics and students along a two-mile route on its North Campus. Navy’s Arma model will be available to use free of charge.

“This first-ever automated shuttle service on campus is a critical research project that will help us understand the challenges and opportunities presented by this type of mobility service and how people interact with it,” Huei Peng, director of Mcity and the Roger L. McCarthy Professor of Mechanical Engineering at U-M, told the university’s news site.

Mcity is a mock city where real life situations are created in a totally secure environment. It will study the reaction to the pilot service.

Navya’s autonomous Arma Shuttle busses have also been used to provide a public service in Las Vegas.

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