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Digital transformation guide for execs


The World Economic Forum (WEF) launched a new report today to help senior execs effectively navigate the multi-trillion dollar digital transformation market.

At its Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Tianjin, the WEF released the findings, gathered from a year of research on how to ‘plan, structure and sequence digital transformation efforts’.


“Executives are often so involved in their own industries and the operational details of what they do that they don’t realise that the most formidable ideas and challenges to their business model might come from outside their own industry. We help executives take a step back, broaden their peripheral vision and enter into conversations with leaders from other industries about their perspectives and experiences,” said Mehran Gul, Project Lead for Digital Enterprise at the World Economic Forum.


Read the guide online now.

WEF’s 12th Annual Meeting of the New Champions runs until 20 September.

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