Innovators Magazine is a media partner with the upcoming 10th anniversary European Innovation Summit.

Organised by Knowledge4Innovation, it brings together policy makers, pioneers, academics and early stage companies to inspire new ideas and connections that can accelerate Europe’s innovation ambitions. We have been highlighting many of programme’s sessions and debates this week. And the Future of Digital Nutrition and Health lunch debate on 27 November is another we are looking forward to covering.


The exponential transformation of the world (population, environment, technologies) pushes innovators to challenge the status quo of nutrition and health, re-designing the current food value chain and the existing health care system. Increasing number of research studies shows the direct link between the personalized nutrition and human health, physical and mental, shifting the paradigm from “nourish and curing “towards “preventing, protecting and performing”, the debate overview states.


Leading this debate will be Paolo Arancio, Global Head of Strategic Innovation Partnership, Nestlé Skin Health; and John Bell, Vice President External Innovation and New Business Models for Johnson & Johnson Consumer.

Our team going to Brussels will bring you all the key takeaways from this, and all other highlights from the summit. Check out the latest Impact Innovators, produced in collaboration with K4I, for a preview of the anniversary Summit, taking place from 26 to 30 November in and around the European Parliament. The next edition of Impact Innovators will be distributed at the Summit and EUtop50 Founders & Tech Festival. Sign up for our updates – and follow our channels – for all the best coverage from Brussels.