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Did someone say biotech party?

The organisers of European Biotech Week are inviting everyone to this year’s celebrations of an industry transforming every aspect of our lives.

We are official supporters of European Biotech Week 2019, taking place this September with the support of participating associations from across the continent.

“The sixth edition of the European Biotech Week will take place from 23 – 29 September 2019. Biotech National Associations, in collaboration with companies, academic and government institutions, science museums and the media, will organise events across Europe to celebrate this cutting edge technology. No matter if your knowledge of biotech is vast or near to nothing, there really is something for everyone during the Biotech Week,” the event website states.

It is the engaging accessibility of the planned events that make Biotech Week a party, because all citizens can get along to something fun near them and discover more about the impact the industry is making. Whether you want to attend an event, or organise one, get involved.

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