|9 September 2016|


Two golden tickets up for grabs for Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass event 

Unveiled as the lead sponsor for the groundbreaking Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass event, PwC has teamed up with Cyber Security Challenge UK to offer a new route to the final.

A cyber attack on a fictional high-profile energy company will be the challenge facing finalists with prizes including university bursaries, professional accreditation, access to industry events and professional internships to play for.

And candidates can now get there by accessing the golden tickets or via online and face-to-face competitions in the race to be one of 42 finalists.

Richard Horne, cyber security partner at PwC, said: “Cyber threats are increasing in complexity and scale, targeting not only vulnerable systems but also vulnerable business processes and people. As lead sponsor and designer of this year’s Cyber Security Challenge UK Masterclass, we aim to test a combination of candidates’ analytical and technical excellence as well as business skills in a high pressure, real time environment, similar to what they could expect to face in a real world situation. Cyber security can often be seen merely as a technical subject, but a well-rounded cyber expert today possesses a diverse skillset, with not only the technical know-how, but also wider business skills such as creativity, organisation, relationship building and communication. We look forward to inviting the finalists to this year’s competition, and helping to develop the next generation of cyber talent in the UK.”

The event will be staged from 2 to 4 November in London.