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Developing ‘the fuels of the future’

|16 March 2017|


A multi-million dollar deal has been signed between academia and industry to ‘develop the fuels of the future’.

The five-year, $25 million dollar partnership between Shell and the University of California (UC) Berkeley’s Energy Biosciences Institute will focus on areas, including new technologies, storage systems, biosciences and bioengineering to develop sustainable alternatives to fossil fuels.

Shell chief technology officer Yuri Sebregts, told UC Berkeley News: “Shell is pleased to enter into a multi-year research collaboration agreement with the Energy Biosciences Institute. The overarching objective is to harness the power of renewable energy sources to develop the fuels of the future, create robust options for energy storage, build capabilities in computational material science and chemistry, and probe the potential of the bioscience pathways across the energy system. This agreement is an important step in Shell’s long-range research program aimed at developing more and cleaner energy to support the ongoing energy transition.”

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