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Developing fuels from the forest

|26 September 2016|


A collaborative project supported by the Swedish Energy Agency aims to develop a high-performance gasoline fuel entirely based on forest resources.

Global Bioenergies, Preem, Sekab and Sveaskog have signed an agreement to work together to conduct a feasibility study into establishing a plant in Sweden to take forward the work. It will be carried out as part of the ‘Bio-Based Gasoline Project’ backed by the Swedish Energy Agency.

The group has opted for the the Isobutene process developed by the French industrial biotech Global Bioenergies for the conversion of wood derived sugars into high performance gasoline.

Sweden, with close to 30 million hectares of forest land – 14% of which is owned and managed by Sveaskog – is well placed to become a leader in the sustainable supply of resources for the energy transition.

Marc Delcourt, CEO of Global Bioenergies further adds: “The diversification of feedstock has always been central to the development of our Isobutene technology as it opens new territories and markets to our process. Following a first plant project in France based on sugar-beet we are delighted to now work at its deployment downstream of the Swedish forestry industry.”

The consortium are currently looking at the best ways to profitably convert forestry products and residues into bio-isooctane, a 100-octane rating, high-performance  bio-based gasoline .




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