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Demand grows for Good Fuels


The shipping industry – like many others – is turning to advanced biofuels because they don’t deplete vital food and agriculture resources.

We have featured GoodFuels Marine a number of times of these pages; and Boskalis Nederland is extending its relationship with the sustainable biofuels producer in a bid to reduce its CO2 emissions by 35%.


“After the successful evaluation of the extensive pilot program, we are proud to continue our partnership by using biofuels on Boskalis’ equipment in the Netherlands, thus further reducing CO2 emissions. History has shown that we were right to embark on our pioneering partnership in 2015. Three years later our advanced biofuels have become one of the most important means for reducing the CO2 footprint of the shipping and heavy road transport industries in the next decade. This view was recently reconfirmed by the IMO and the OECD,” said Dirk Kronemeijer, CEO of GoodFuels.


GoodFuels makes its biofuels from ‘pure sustainable residual flows’.

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