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Dairy producer opts for green power


One of the world’s biggest dairy companies is going to use green power to make powdered milk at one of its Danish facilities.

Biogas plant developer Xergi will build a new plant to provide Arla Foods with energy for its milk powder production operation in the west of Denmark. The plant, which is the biggest Xergi has built in its 30 year history, is due to be ready by autumn 2018.

“The plant will be built in accordance with our design principles which over the years have ensured stable and high gas production at a number of large biogas plants delivered in countries such as UK, France, USA and Denmark. The plant will be equipped with a number of new technical solutions developed by Xergi. The solutions improve the gas yield from organic residues from the food industry, agriculture and households. The Nature Energy Videbaek plant will therefore – internationally – become an important reference plant in the transition to green energy,” said CEO of Xergi Jørgen Ballermann.

Arla Foods is an international cooperative of 12000 farmers, which supplies brands to more than 100 countries. And it continues to talk the talk when it comes to sustainability. Last month it opened a carbon neutral food innovation centre in Denmark.

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