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Cybathlon 2020 dates announced

Cybathlon Kloten, 08.10.2016. Team NeuroWalk RUS (ETH Zürich/Alessandro Della Bella)


Switzerland will host the second Cybathlon event in 2020 – an occasion for showcasing the impact novel technologies are having on people with disabilities.

The competition takes place across six disciplines. Last year’s inaugural Cybathlon, at the SWISS Arena Kloten, sold-out and included events like the Functional Electrical Stimulation Bike Race (FES) and the Brain-Computer Interface Race (BCI).

The world’s first Cybathlon in 2016 was the brainchild of ETH Zurich and NCCR Robotics professor, Robert Riener.

Speaking after last year’s Cybathlon, ETH President Lino Guzzella said: “What began as ETH Professor Robert Riener’s vision has burgeoned into a major international event. Today, the Cybathlon thrilled spectators from all over the world and demonstrated most impressively just what technology has to offer in assisting humans. Developing solutions that help advance our society: this is what ETH Zurich stands for.”

Cybathlon 2020 will once again take place at the SWISS Arena in Kloten near Zurich – on 2 and 3 May.

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