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Create a climate action superhero

Conceptual illustration depicting team of superheroes.

UNICEF is asking under 25s to show off their artistic flair and create a comic book superhero primed to fight climate change.

The Climate Comic Contest wants entrants to come up with a character, super power and a story on the climate problem they overcome.

The event website has hints on how to get those creative juices flowing. And Innovators Magazine suggests thinking about the circular economy for inspiration. On global greenhouse gas emissions, Deloitte puts the ‘potential savings’ from shifting to circular economy models at between “13% and 66% in selected key sectors’.

Time is tight, though, as the deadline is this weekend – 22 October. Finalists will have their work showcased in a ‘global voting gallery’ which will be unveiled during the COP23 climate change conference next month. The winner will be announced by the end of November with the comic itself launched on Earth Day 2018, April 22.

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