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Could cars power buildings?


New research suggests spare energy from electric vehicles could be an efficient way to power buildings.

A team from WMG at the University of Warwick – working with Jaguar Land Rover – developed a ‘smart grid’ algorithm to manage the vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology needed to transfer clean energy from cars. The results show that V2G tech could keep large buildings running while actually increasing the life of the car battery by 10%.

Dr Kotub Uddin, who led the team, said: “These findings reinforce the attractiveness of vehicle-to-grid technologies to automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers: not only is vehicle-to-grid an effective solution for grid support – and subsequently a tidy revenue stream – but we have shown that there is a real possibility of extending the lifetime of traction batteries in tandem. The results are also appealing to policy makers interested in grid decarbonisation.”

Harnessing these technologies certainly makes sense with the race to create a world of smart cities predicted to generate a $1.56 trillion market place by 2020.

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