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Corporates lead green revolution

Big business is very much on board with playing its part in the push towards a sustainable future.

H&M, for example, is committed to using renewable energy and using it resources more efficiently. It announced this week it has joined the EP100 initiative, a programme run by the Climate Group where large companies to agree to double their energy productivity.

“Using less energy and increasing our economic output is a fundamental part of our strategy,” said Pierre Borjesson, Global Sustainability Business Expert, H&M. “We have long been working to reduce our climate impact and recently launched our new commitment to achieve a climate positive value chain by 2040. This means H&M will support reductions of greenhouse gases to larger extent than what our value chain emits. Two of our key priorities are leadership in energy productivity and using renewable energy throughout the value chain.”

In the UK, the Whitbread group, which has leading brands, Costa Coffee and Premier Inn, moved to purchasing all its electricity from renewable sources last month. The move means 68,000 Premier Inn rooms and 2,200 Costa Coffee shops are powered by green energy.

As the UK’s largest hospitality brand, we have a responsibility and an opportunity to drive change within the industry which is why we have made this decision for the business,”added James Pitcher, Whitbread’s Director of Sustainability. “Whitbread is committed to minimising its environmental impact and operating is a way that respects people and the planet and we hope this will be a landmark step in helping to set the industry standard.”


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