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COP24 inspires Momentum for Change


All eyes at COP24 this week were on the game changing innovations supported by the Momentum for Change platform.

In total 15 climate action projects have been rewarded through the initiative this year, across four focus areas: Planetary HealthClimate Neutral NowWomen for Results, and Financing for Climate Friendly Investment. Our editor-at-large, Marc Buckley, moderated the session from Momentum for Change showcasing the Planetary Health award winners. A member of the Expert Network for the World Economic Forum, Marc also works with the World Food Programme, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and is the Germany and Austria Country Coordinator for Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project.


Planetary Health Winners


Check out all the 2018 winners and follow the Momentum for Change team @Momentum_UNFCCC to keep up-to-date with the impact it is making in tackling climate change.


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