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Convenience in the autonomous age


The autonomous age is revolutionising the food delivery market.

Innovators Magazine featured the self-driving supermarket, Moby Mart, developed by Wheelys Inc, in collaboration with Hefei University and Himalafy last year. The 24/7 innovation, which customers can access using an app, has been undergoing tests in China.

Moby Mart

Per Cromwell,  CTO Wheelys, said he wants to have an “entire fleet of self-driving staffless stores” in cities worldwide.

And this week at the consumer technology show, CES 2018, in Las Vegas Robomarts has unveiled its electric-powered mobile solution for fresh produce.

The US company is “building a fleet of on-demand, self-driving stores” that it will “license to retailers to power the most affordable on-demand delivery services across the world,” it says.

“Consumers will simply tap a button to request the closest robomart. Once it arrives, they head outside, unlock the doors, and shop for the products they want. When they are done, they just close the doors and send it on its way. Robomart tracks what customers have taken using patent pending grab and go checkout free technology and will charge them and send a receipt accordingly,” the Robomarts website states.

Tests will be carried out soon in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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