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Consumer tech market grows stronger


The American consumer technology industry is set for a record-breaking year, according to new research.

Retail revenues of $351 billion for 2018, which would represent an increase of nearly 4% on 2017, have been forecast by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA).

“Technology is improving our lives in more ways than ever – and consumer enthusiasm is growing just as quickly as companies can bring their innovations to market,” explained Gary Shapiro, president and CEO, CTA. “Our forecast incorporates several key economic factors including a strong stock market, continued job growth and stable rules for international trade to forecast these record-setting sales for breakthrough technologies and longtime market leaders alike. And the driving themes of 2018, including voice computing, artificial intelligence and connectivity that make our lives better and more efficient, will be on display across the show floor this week at CES 2018.”

Watch CES 2018, which runs from January 9 to 12, via livestream.

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