|20 December 2015|

Nearly half of the world’s seven billion population will have access to the internet in 2016, according to the International Data Corporation (IDC).

It estimates that 3.2 billion people, or 44% of the world’s population, will have access with more than two billion using mobile devices to do so.

And technology giants like Google, SpaceX, and Facebook are already working to give the remaining four billion access using balloons, satellites, and high altitude planes.

“Over the next five years global growth in the number of people accessing the internet exclusively through mobile devices will grow by more than 25% per year while the amount of time we spend on them continues to grow. This change in the way we access the internet is fueling explosive growth in mobile commerce and mobile advertising,” said Scott Strawn, IDC’s programme director, Strategic Advisory Service.

A new IDC infographic How the World Uses the Internet examines what people around the world are using the internet for. It reveals the increasing numbers of people using internet banking and shopping online; and more than two billion use email and get their news online.

More than a billion people use the Internet to bank online, to stream music, and to find a job. More than two billion use email and read news online. And more people than ever before are making purchases online.