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Connected farms grow faster

Farming is being transformed by digital technology.

In Europe, Berlin-based 365FarmNet is offering farmers a one-stop digital shop that is designed to simplify the ever increasing number of tasks they have to carry out. Combining software services with data from the farm allows for better management of time and resources. Instead of spreading fertiliser across an entire field, for example, information relating to yields or from satellite data, can instruct the farmer where to target its use. This is good financially for the farmer and also good for the environment.

“Instead of having to deal with individual solutions you have everything you need in the one software tool for the first time,” the company’s website states.

Maximilian von Löbbecke, CEO of 365FarmNet, says rural areas must have good connectivity and broadband to ensure farmers can take advantage of these technologies.

“Agriculture is the biggest industry in the world. The outcome of all the figures are the same. We need broadband in rural areas to run farming.”

A startup in Tel Aviv is quickly building a reputation on the back of its pioneering digital farming platforms. Prospera says it ‘transforms farm production with end to end digitalization –  from agronomy to operations’. The young company recently received multi-million dollar backing from tech giant Cisco, among others, which will help Prospera develop artificial intelligence, data analytics and computer vision in a system that provides farmers with the digital tools they need to grow healthier and more profitable crops.

“We help our customers surf the tide of digitalization, and become connected, agile, and data-driven businesses that can more efficiently meet the ever-increasing demand for their produce under constantly changing market conditions,” explained Daniel Koppel, Prospera Co-Founder and CEO.

BASF is also investing in this area and recently agreed a partnership deal with software firm Proagrica to advance digital farming.

“We want to provide our customers with agronomic insights and recommendations from digital solutions that enable better decision-making and more precise farming,” added Dr Rainer Preuss, Vice President of Global Strategy & Portfolio Management at BASF’s Crop Protection division.

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