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Congrats to the Circular Economy Club


Well done to Anna Tarí, Founder and CEO of the Circular Economy Club (CEC), for winning deserved recognition for her work.

Spanish president, Pedro Sánchez, presented Anna with the circular economy title at the Youth Awards, held within the framework of the 26th Ibero-American Summit of Heads of State and Government in La Antigua. Anna will now receive a year of mentoring with a chief executive of Nestlé.


“At CEC, our primary mission is to gather the individuals and organizations who are trying to implement the circular economy and give them the tools to have impact in their cities. I’m excited about the success the club is having, and I am honored to be recognized for this award,” Anna Tarí said. “This award is proof that the highest levels of the Ibero-American community are seriously considering the circular economy framework as the approach to foster a growth that is both smart and sustainable. I feel very proud to be part of the Ibero-American community and would like to thank you for this recognition. Our cities, regions and countries can lead this effort. Let’s do this.”


The CEC was also a finalist at this year’s Global Game Changers event, which recognised cross sector impact towards the UN Global Goals. Anyone interested in the circular economy should check out the Circular Economy Club.

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