|31 October 2015|

Innovators magazine is delighted to announce it will be working in partnership with University Technology to showcase and drive innovation in Scotland.

Scotland’s prestigious, world-class universities drive innovation and are experienced in the commercialisation of research and technology. University Technology is a unique collaboration bringing together all of Scotland’s universities to showcase the constant portfolio of the latest technology licensing opportunities from Scotland’s academic research base. This single location enables companies and investors to find these innovative technologies which are developed for key industry sectors and are available for the commercial market now.

University Technology’s web portal aims to simplify the technology transfer process and make it even easier for you to work with Scotland’s universities by providing: all technology opportunities in one convenient location;  opportunities from a wide technology base; a simple searchable database; automatic email alerts; and a  standardised set of agreements.

Robert Goodfellow, head of Technology Transfer & Chair of University Technology, Heriot Watt University, said:”I believe that having a platform like University Technology not only makes it easier for the companies seeking new technologies and ideas but also provides a great platform for the universities to promote their capabilities. By collaborating and working together we can showcase the wealth of knowledge that we have to offer, create greater visibility for our academic expertise and encourage more collaborative research and development.”

Innovators magazine looks forward to bringing you more on this groundbreaking collaboration over the coming months.