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‘Coffee and cocktails’

Sound good?

With the launch of DiscardedWilliam Grant & Sons has produced a vermouth that utilises the discarded fruit of the coffee berry, cascara. You know we don’t like waste at Innovators Magazine, so we say cheers and well done to the drinks giant for being innovative and developing a method that finds a use for the billions of tonnes of wasted cascara.

Cascara being produced in Guatemala to make Discarded. Credit: William Grant & Sons


“We live in an age where single use is increasingly untenable. What others have wasted we have welcomed and made the distinguishing feature in Discarded. In everything we do, we want to embody our brand purpose and to champion the Discarded,” said Tom Stannard, Global Marketing Manager, Innovation at William Grant & Sons.


Picking up on trends in vermouth and coffee, Global Brand Ambassador Joe Pitch used his knowledge to drive the creation of Discarded.

“The inspiration behind Discarded came from the world of coffee and cocktails becoming ever closer as day and night cultures start to combine. Two years ago, one of my barista friends gave me some cascara which I started to experiment with and blend with a variety of vermouths,” he explained. “What I found was that cascara is deep, complex, rich and fruity in flavour which makes the sweet vermouth more accessible and versatile in mixology. I have tried many vermouths in my career and Discarded is nothing like what I have tried before.”

And there’s no brand bias here at IM, Discarded is one of a number of sustainable ideas from the drinks industry we have covered – because we just like that sort of thing – the tasting is over to you.

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