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Coca-Cola targets circular future

Coca-Cola is making progress on it sustainability targets, according to a new report.

The drinks giant has released its 2016 Sustainability Report, which acknowledges the importance of the circular economy to its plans and reveals that last year the company recycled the equivalent of 60% of the cans and bottles it sold.

“Our vision is to leverage our significant scale and resources to contribute meaningfully to the circular economy in which materials are used and reused to provide ongoing value. Our efforts to create more sustainable packaging contribute to our overall climate goal to reduce the carbon footprint of the Coca-Cola drink in your hand by 2020, of which packaging accounts for 25-30 percent,” the report states.

Coca-Cola also collaborates closely with others working to advance circular business models, including the Ellen MacArthur FoundationClosed Loop Fund, and The Recycling Partnership.

President and CEO James Quincey, in the report’s welcome note, said: “For us, sustainability is our charge to grow the business in a way that leaves the world better than we found it. That fundamental idea runs through everything we do, and our actions must be measured through that lens.”

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