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Climate Crisis Film fest starts soon

10 feature films, 10 shorts, and 10 special events

The UK’s Climate Crisis Film Festival is taking place exclusively online this month, due to the coronavirus pandemic. It is the second edition of the festival, which focuses ‘exclusively on the climate crisis and advocates for systemic change’.

“Central to our vision is the belief that visual arts can be the best catalyst to inform, empower and mobilise” — Simon Mélizan

Online between 16 November to 22 November the Film Festival programme has a great lineup of films, impactful talks, and a masterclass series. All developed and curated in ways that are designed to inspire audiences to take ‘direct action to fight for the future we need’. There are interactive workshops that will help you draw your future, learn how to grow your urban food garden and build up your activism toolkit from the comfort of your own home – and lots more.

“We strive to create a space that can feel inclusive both to traditional environmentalists and to new audiences that may be interested or concerned by climate change but not yet have a precise idea of how to get involved,” said Simon Mélizan, Co-founder.

Leaders from the Green New Deal UK, WWF, Stop Climate Chaos, Stop Ecocide, Climate Reality Europe, MockCOP, We Don’t Have Time, Young Wilders, Advaya and many other organisations are taking to part to help kick-start an acceleration in actions from the grassroots up.

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