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Climate crisis demands swift response

Climate disaster can be averted if public and private sector rhetoric is quickly converted into action, according to two new UNFCCC reports.

The two reports are the Talanoa Dialogue Synthesis Report, which incorporates research including the IPCC’s paper on the impacts global warming of 1.5 degrees Celsius and above will have; and the Yearbook for Global Climate Action factoring in around 9000 commitments across 128 countries, ‘representing USD 36 trillion in economic activity.


“Significantly, these reports are published  just two weeks before governments gather for the global  climate summit in Poland (COP 24), where they are set to complete the implementation guidelines for the Paris Agreement, known as its Work Programme. A finalized Paris Agreement Work Programme has the potential to  unleash practical actions from the whole global climate action community commensurate with a 1.5 pathway,” said Inia Seruiratu, Minister for Agriculture, Rural & Maritime Development, National Disaster Management and Meteorological Services, and Fiji High-Level Climate Champion.


Innovators Magazine will be at COP24, with our coverage from Katowice being produced by our COP24 Editor, Marc Buckley – supported by Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF, known in English as: Doctors Without Borders

COP24, in Katowice, is on from 3 to 14 December. Sign up for our updates and get all our COP24 coverage straight to your inbox.

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