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Clean Seas movement swells in size


Another four countries have joined a UN Environment-led initiative to tackle the marine waste.

The CleanSeas campaign welcomed the announcement by Chile, Oman, Sri Lanka and South Africa at today’s UN Environment Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya. The four made a raft of pledges, including to ramp up recycling and banning plastic bags.

“For too long, we have treated the ocean as a bottomless dumping ground for plastic, sewage and other waste. The countries supporting CleanSeas are showing the leadership we need in order to end this abuse, and protect the marine resources on which millions depend for their livelihoods,” said said Erik Solheim, head of UN Environment.

The Clean Seas movement continues to go from strength to strength. Innovators Magazine reported last month that the project is partnering with Volvo Ocean Race team Turn the Tide on Plastic to raise awareness of the issues; one of which being that without action is pressing, the scourge of plastic waste could see the ‘oceans contain more plastics than fish (by weight)’ by 2050.

Minister of Environment for Sri Lanka, Anura Dissanayake, added: “Sri Lanka is taking bold action to turn the tide on plastics. We have banned plastic bags and are now working to reduce the number of plastic bottles in the country. We want to be a green and blue beacon of hope in Asia and do everything we can to keep the seas clean.”

See how you can join the #CleanSeas campaign.

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