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Clean energy is rejuvenating lives


Solar energy is providing a beacon of light to low income families in America.

By bringing clean energy tech and training opportunities to underprivileged areas, US non-profit, GRID Alternatives, is harnessing the power of nature to help unlock people’s potential. The solar energy installer is reenergising communities – old and new – across the country by equipping them with the know-how and skills to take advantage of low cost electricity.

To date, the project has trained around 30,000 people, who have delivered close to 29 megawatts of solar capacity. That is equivalent to a combined saving of $230 million in electric charges.

Hundreds of volunteers took part in this month’s Solarthon fundraiser, one of the organisation’s well-established events, when stakeholders get together to install even more solar.

GRID Alternatives is also making a big impact internationally, in Nicaragua and Nepal. It is providing vital off-grid energy installations to rural areas in these countries.

And earlier this year a number of young Americans joined GRID’s Solar Spring Break initiative, where students worked on community solar projects.

“Solar Spring Break gives students who are passionate about renewable energy the chance to see solar technology in action building more resilient communities. We’re helping shape the climate leadership of tomorrow,” said GRID Alternatives CEO and co-founder Erica Mackie.



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