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Cisco uses cloud to end ‘miserable meetings’

|24 January 2017|


Introducing the all-in-one cloud-based meeting room 

In a move to “end miserable meetings” Cisco has harnessed cloud technology to connect physical rooms to the virtual spaces where work is taking place.

Cisco has built breakthrough new hardware designed, developed and deployed together with new software in the cloud, with Cisco Spark™ Board – a cloud-powered all-in-one device – and Cisco Spark Meetings.

With the Cisco Spark Board: “you can wirelessly present, white board, and video or audio conference – everything you need for team collaboration, all at the touch of a finger. And you can use the Cisco Spark app to connect to your virtual teams outside the physical room, through the devices of your choice” according to Cisco’s website.

“Our philosophy is the best meeting is no meeting at all,” said Rowan Trollope, the SVP and GM of the IoT and Applications Group at Cisco. “We’ve shown that people who use Cisco Spark have fewer meetings — and when they do meet, it’s better. You can’t schedule innovation. It happens on its own schedule. Cisco Spark — and now the Cisco Spark Board — are all about giving you the tools to make that magic happen.”

Cisco Spark Meetings adds some of the popular meeting capabilities from Cisco WebEx®, in essence extending the meeting to include the time before and after — and in the process creating a fundamentally new way to meet.

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Iain is a creative writer, journalist and lecturer, and formerly an editor of two international business publications. Iain is now editor of Innovators Magazine, as well as the strategic content director for OnePoint5Media.


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