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Circular wear from fishing nets

LONDON – The fashion and textile industries are big polluters. In the US alone, 85% of apparel ends up in landfill.

To change course brands are increasingly turning to solutions thrown up by the circular economy. Napapijri is one of them. Infinity, its new jacket made from from ECONYL® 100% recycled material: old fishing nets and other waste products, was released this week online and at its new Carnaby Street store in London.

“As a brand whose origins are firmly placed in the beautiful alpine landscape, the safeguard of nature has always been on top of our agenda. Now more than ever, we are aware of the pressing issues we are collectively asked to address. We have chosen to do so by pioneering the future of fashion with Infinity, a jacket that embodies our efforts to combine design, sustainability, and innovation to inspire a shift in the role our industry has to play in the preservation of the planet and its people through circularity,” said Napapijri’s Senior Marketing Director, Vicki Bohlbro.

And through its digital take-back initiative, Napapijri is closing the loop by providing a return and recycle service customers can access after owning the item for at least two years. They will then receive a €100 voucher, with the returned item being ‘processed into new yarn and new products’.

“Napapijri is the first brand to take a jacket back to be recycled into new ECONYL® material thanks to our unique Regeneration System,” added Giulio Bonazzi, CEO of Aquafil (the makers of ECONYL®). “So, when the jacket reaches the end if its life, it is only the beginning. This is a real first.”

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