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Circular economy needs team work

The world’s most famous circular economy club has its latest member.

PA Consulting Group, a leading tech and innovation consultancy, announced this month it has joined the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circular Economy 100 (CE100) programme.

The linear economy led by a takemake-dispose philosophy is environmentally damaging and unsustainable. By adopting circular principles, companies and governments can implement systems where materials and products are designed for reuse rather than for landfill.

To accelerate the move to a circular economy the CE100 initiative pulls together academic institutions, big business, governments, cities and other key stakeholders to drive it forward.

“Sustainable development and the Circular Economy are important issues for PA, and for our clients. Not just in trying to operate more efficiently and conscientiously, but also in realising the fantastic new business opportunities they provide. PA is proud to be a member of the CE100, working with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and other organisations at the forefront of circular economy thinking. We believe there is a now a unique opportunity to help organisations to implement circular economy programmes that really make the difference,” said Alan Middleton, CEO, PA Consulting Group.

Casper Jorna, CE100 Programme lead, Ellen MacArthur Foundation, added: “The CE100 brings leaders and innovators from around the world to share experiences and learn together how to unlock the new opportunities arising from a circular economy approach. We are pleased that PA will be bringing to the programme its expertise in implementing disruptive technological innovation and evolving new business models.”

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