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Circular economy ideas are fashionable

Promoting different ways of thinking when it comes to design will help nurture a culture that focusses on issues of sustainability.

In the US, 85% of apparel ends up in landfill. Large fashion retailers are making efforts to address the huge amounts of waste being created by the industry. And top designers, including Stella McCartney, are trying out new materials and practices to incorporate closed loop manufacturing processes.

The online Disruptive Innovation Festival, which begins next week, is part of the movement pushing for these ideas to become mainstream thinking. It will pose a number of questions, including: what if we could redesign everything for the circular economy?

Industrial designer, Thomas Leech, is one of those working to answer that question. Check out one of his innovative ideas in this video.

Shifting mindsets so creatives look at design from a completely new perspective will help accelerate the prominence of ideas like those by Thomas Leech.

The Circular Design Case, part of DIF, invites people to begin that journey now. Launching on 10 November, the Circular Design Case is an opportunity to build the movement. The details of the two-week challenge will be revealed on the 10th – with advice given on how to best harness circular economy design.

The online festival is on from 6 to 24 November.

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