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Circular economy connects the dots

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Collaboration is mainstream and has largely replaced the silo mentality that used to stifle innovation across all sectors.

Step forward the circular economy community of Europe. Stakeholders are actively partnering on projects to speed up the transition to a sustainable Europe. The interactive map below is a great guide to what’s going on across the continent. It’s part of the Horizon 2020 (H2020) platform, the ‘EU framework programme for research and innovation‘. Click on it to see the breadth of projects currently on the go.

Europe has a pretty good claim to being the global capital of the circular economy. Its institutions are providing training to  SME membership bodies, so they can help train businesses in how to adopt circular models; as well as to local and regional authorities so they have the knowledge to properly incorporate sustainable strategies into their plans. And the European Commission is promoting a range of initiatives to open up dialogue with citizens on the direction of the circular economy.

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