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Circular economy cleans up

The cleaning products industry in America is being urged to step up its efforts to champion sustainable practices and products.

Launching its 2019 Sustainability Report, the American Cleaning Institute (ACI) has set out a strategy which calls for companies to take ‘bolder, collective action to achieve a cleaner world’.

“With our wide membership and their vast consumer base, ACI is ideally positioned to unite members around a shared sustainability vision. Together, we are taking the courageous steps needed to help shape our planet for decades, maybe centuries to come,” said ACI CEO Melissa Hockstad.

The endless number of cleaning products used daily by the public and commercial enterprises clearly presents major waste and pollution challenges. Preventing more plastic pollution destroying our oceans by switching to sustainable packaging solutions is one area ACI members are working on, with a third currently committed to achieving 100% recyclable packaging.

“We’re pushing our members to think bigger, be fearless and implement ever-more innovative solutions,” added Melissa. “Our new strategy combines our core strength of collaboration with a commitment to doing our part as an industry to address the sustainability challenges facing our globe.”

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