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Circular Cities, you say?

That’s certainly the direction of travel – and the Circular Cities conference intends to accelerate the journey.

Taking place on 16 May in Scotland House, Brussels, the theme: ‘innovating to tackle plastic waste’ focuses on one of the key bottle necks that city stakeholders and innovators need to overcome to make circular urban environments the norm.

PlastiCircle and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability will host a special conference on the circularity of plastics in European cities. The conference – through panel sessions and interactive parallel workshops – will gather multiple stakeholders to assess the challenge of a circular economy for plastics, and the innovations which aim to tackle plastic waste in Europe’s urban areas. The event welcomes policy makers at national and EU levels, cities, civil society, business, Horizon 2020 projects and academia, all sharing solutions and networking for better mutual understanding of the challenges of the day.

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