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Circular Cities conference underway

The Circular Cities conference in Brussels today – part of #EUGreenWeek – is looking at ways to develop a circular economy for plastics.

PlastiCircle and ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability are hosting the event: ‘innovating to tackle plastic waste’ – which is bringing together ‘multiple stakeholders to assess the challenge of a circular economy for plastics’. We are delighted to be supporting the event, and know many of our readers will be interested in the discussions and outcomes today. Follow @circ_economy  @ICLEI_Europe and @innovatorsmag on Twitter for all the latest. And sign up for our weekly updates for all the key takeaways.

“Today’s event welcomes policy makers at national and EU levels, cities, civil society, business, Horizon 2020 projects and academia, all sharing solutions and networking for better mutual understanding of the challenges of the day,” the conference website states.

With more than two-thirds of the global population predicted to be living in cities by 2050 – the challenge is very much on to make urban areas circular; and today’s stakeholders have a major role to play in advancing those ambitions.

Here are some of the hashtags to keep an eye on today: #CircularCities #PlastiCircle and #ICLEIEurope #H2020

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