Chinese whisky connoisseurs will be able to invest in some of Scotland’s rarest drams thanks to a new £3 million fund.
The fund, generated by members of the Single Malt Club China (SMCC), will be used to buy rare and valuable malts, such as limited editions from distilleries or bottles from single caskets.
First minister Nicola Sturgeon opened the SMCC’s new Whisky Experience Centre during her July trip to China. The centre is open to anyone interested in single malt whisky and showcases the malt whisky making process with photos and items from distilleries. It also displays single malts available in China.
The SMCC was set up in 2005 and the value of the club’s imports of Scotch whisky have grown at a double digit rate every year since. Last year the club imported 60,000 bottles and the £3 million Whisky Investment Fund will contribute to growing those imports by another 20% next year.
Nicola Sturgeon said: “Scotch whisky is world famous and is one of our most iconic products. Scotland is the home of whisky and there is a clear
global demand for our national drink. “The Single Malt Club China has worked hard to promote Scotch whisky for a decade and now has nearly 5,000 members throughout China. It also works with 31 of our distilleries so the support for our industry is clear, and this fund will allow Chinese whisky connoisseurs to invest in some of Scotland’s finest and rarest drams.
“I’d like to thank them for their commitment to increasing the awareness of our national drink and I hope this new Whisky Experience Centre will continue that trend. We value their efforts in promoting Scotland, our iconic products and our culture and look forward to working with them to
continue this relationship.”