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China ramps up renewables push


China is sending the wold a clear message that it wants to lead the transition to a green energy future.

The country is investing billions  – attracting huge investment in its clean energy industry – and taking its international responsibilities towards advancing sustainable power systems seriously. Efforts that have made it the largest renewable energy market in the world, with 27% – 545 gigawatts – of installed capacity.

And today China has further strengthened its hand by signing a collaboration agreement with the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA). The biggest utility in the world – the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), has joined forces with IRENA to accelerate the clean energy transition. To do this they plan to promote and support major initiatives, including the Paris Agreement, and Belt and Road.

The pair will spearhead programmes that are designed to build a diverse, clean and reliable energy system.

“As the largest utility in the world, State Grid Corporation of China is dedicated to the interconnection of world power infrastructure to realize efficient, clean and sustainable development of global energy and contribute to the Belt and Road Initiative. Based on the consensus of advancing the energy transition towards a low-carbon and green energy future, State Grid will implement extensive win-win cooperation with IRENA in terms of power grid technology, equipment and international standards,” said Shu Yinbiao, State Grid Chairman.

The agreement was signed at today’s Eighth Clean Energy Ministerial meeting in Beijing.

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