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China makes commitment on biofuels

China plans to push for the widespread adoption of advanced biofuels in cars across the country by 2020.

The third biggest producer of bioethanol – which can be be blended with gasoline – in the world, China’s new strategy has been developed by the National Development and Reform Commission and National Energy Administration (NEA). As part of the 2020 goal ‘China aims to build an advanced liquid biofuel system and put into operation a demonstrative facility that will be able to produce 50,000 tonnes of cellulosic ethanol a year’, the NEA English website states.

The global market for cellulosic ethanol is predicted to hit ‘124 billion liters per year by 2030’, according to the International Renewable Energy Agency.

Technological advances in this area are gathering pace around the globe, with Canada’s Enerkem this month becoming the first in the world to begin commercial-scale production of cellulosic ethanol – made from garbage – at its plant in Edmonton.

Speaking on the landmark moment, Vincent Chornet, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enerkem, said: “We will now progressively increase production in Edmonton, while preparing to build the next Enerkem facilities locally and around the world.”


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