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China is a renewable energy powerhouse


China’s importance to the global renewable energy industry has been recognised in Abu Dhabi today.

The Council of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) meeting in Abu Dhabi appointed Mr Li Fanrong – Deputy Administrator of the National Energy Administration of China – Chair of the influential gathering of stakeholders from 110 countries.

Mr Li said: “In our efforts to meet growing energy demand with cleaner, low-carbon and sustainable sources of energy sources, China has become one of the fast-growing renewable energy markets in the world. It has now become evident in China that renewables can not only contribute to the on-going energy transition, but also drive sustainable economic growth. China is open to cooperating with all countries across the globe on renewable energy development and deployment, and honored to be part of the IRENA’s invaluable efforts at the centre of international cooperation for greater renewable energy deployment.”

Giving Mr Li a leading role in proceedings reflects the international lead being shown by China.

Just this month it was named the number one destination for attracting green energy investments, according to a report from Ernst & Young (EY). While in January China announced a £300 billion, five-year plan, to invest in renewable energy projects. This will help the country realise its ambition to generate 50% of new electricity from renewables by the end of the decade.

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