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Designing a sustainable future

|31 October 2016|


Drinks giant Carlsberg has unveiled the design of its new green fibre bottle.

The pioneering new project – part of the Carlsberg Circular Community initiative – to produce a bottle made from sustainably sourced wood fibre is being carried out in conjunction with Denmark’s EcoXpac.

“The new bottle is a great milestone in the project, as having a physical prototype makes it easier for us to explain the new packaging format to consumers and colleagues. I think the new bottle looks great and shows how we can use innovation and design to help shape products for a better tomorrow,” says Simon Boas Hoffmeyer, Sustainability Director.

“The bottle has been created with input from some of the leading packaging specialists in the world, who are very excited to participate in the project. Though we still have technical challenges to overcome, we’re on track on the project,” says Håkon Langen, Packaging Innovation Director.

The revolutionary bottle is set to be trialled in 2018.



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Iain Robertson
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