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Charting a new course on climate

It is widely acknowledged that climate change is having a negative impact on food security.

The recent International Conference on Water and Climate – organised by the World Water Council (WWC) – discussed the effect climate change is having on efforts to feed a growing global population and highlighted its link to the growing levels of hunger.

“Water is life. As a result of climate change, fresh water is becoming a scarce resource. As a result of all the crises we face today as humans, our very survival depends on the urgency with which the global community confronts the adverse effects of this reality,” Istiaque Ahmad, Secretary of the Ministry of Environment and Forests for Bangladesh, told delegates at the Marseille conference.

And the challenge of climate change is one everyone: individuals, industry and governments, can help to overcome. A great way to do so is by signing the Climate Neutral Now Pledge – an initiative from the United Nations Climate Change secretariat.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is also offering free e-learning courses to raise awareness of the issues and encourage people to take action.

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