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Car sharing with a difference

Mobilität der Zukunft: Innerhalb eines festgelegten Stadtgebiets können sich Nutzer per Smartphone bequem ein Car-Sharing-Auto oder ein Robotertaxi ordern, das für die Weiterfahrt fahrerlos zu ihnen gefahren kommt. ; Future mobility: Within a specified area of town, users will be able to use their smartphone to order a car sharing car or robot taxi. The vehicle will then make its way autonomously to the user and the onward journey can commence.;

|4 April 2017|


Daimler and Bosch today announced a collaboration aimed at delivering autonomous cars to the market as soon as possible.

The pair plan to develop the software and algorithms needed to produce a reliable system. It would be used to transform the urban transport network. Instead of getting in your car smartphone users would summon a driverless shared car to a specific area of a city.

It is hoped this would ease pressure on busy roads and help increase the popularity of car sharing in a move ultimately designed to shape the traffic of the future.

The two say they want this service on the road by the start of the 2020s.

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