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Calling deep-tech innovators

deep tech
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Europe’s new STARTUP3 Accelerator programme is designed to propel startups and SMEs with deep-tech solutions to the next level. And it is interested in pioneers who can answer yes to one of the following questions:

Are you an innovator, a startup or an SME? Are you interested in application of deep-tech innovation – such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, etc – in any sector of European economy and industry? Or your business or a project already includes a deep-tech solution?

Startups and SMEs answering yes to any of these can respond to the open call by 20 April. Those selected for the programme will receive an extensive range of business services, mentorship from corporates including BNP Paribas and NVIDIA, plus access to investors like SC Ventures,  Metavalon, UniFund, 1337Works.

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