|8 November 2015|

Scotland’s food and drink industry will be showcased to key North American retailers, importers and government ministers this week.

Richard Lochhead, Scotland’s food secretary, will meet a range of retailers and food importers in America and Canada to discuss opportunities for Scottish food and drink.

He said: “From our iconic favourites such as smoked salmon and Scotch whisky to our fine cheeses and meats – Scottish food and drink is in demand around the world. Over recent years we have seen staggering increases in exports of our produce to the United States and Canada.

“With the Scottish brand seen as a hallmark for quality, we can do more and continue to grow our exports to these key markets. That is why I will undertake a series of meetings and engagements to promote our produce in North America.

“This is an important time for Scottish food in the USA and Canada. We have a great opportunity to highlight the benefits of our red meat after the Canadian Government lifted the export ban. This will be high on my agenda, together with pressing the American Government for a clear timetable for agreeing access for our beef, lamb and haggis.

“The recent international launch of the Scottish dairy brand means the time is also right to encourage importers and retailers to stock more of our delicious dairy produce and that’s something I’ll be discussing with importers and retailers.”