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Breakthroughs are in the biotech genes

3D render of a medical background with DNA strands being attacked by virus cells


The ‘genomics capital’ of the world will showcase some of the biotechnology industry’s major breakthroughs next week.

San Diego is hosting the BIO International Conventionalthe global event for biotechnology – under the theme: ‘Breakthroughs’. Around 16,000 biotech leaders will be there for what is regarded as the most important annual meeting place for the entire industry.

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said it “is the perfect host city for BIO 2017” as it is “the center of the genomics universe”.

And after what Jim Greenwood, the President & CEO of event organiser’s the Biotechnology Innovation Organization (BIO), calls a “year of eureka moments” for the industry, he said “the perfect theme for BIO 2017 is “Breakthrough”.

On medical breakthroughs, he said: “New CRISPR gene editing technology has cured Hepatitis B in mice and shown early promise in the treatment of human diseases like leukemia and HIV. Human clinical trials on CRISPR medicines begin in the United States this year. What better place to discuss the potential of this ground-breaking technology than in the “genomics capital” where San Diego’s J. Craig Venter (along with Francis Collins) first mapped the human genome back in 2000.”

And there will some special guests. “NASA astronaut Kate Rubins will tell us about becoming the first person to sequence DNA in outer space during her 115 day expedition through the stars,” added Jim.

While former British Prime Minister David Cameron will be in town to share his thoughts on the likely impact his Brexit vote will have on the biotechnology industry.

The BIO International Conventional will take place at the San Diego Convention Center between 19 and 22 June.

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