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Quantum computing will transform world

An international team of leading scientists has unveiled a blurprint for building a quantum computer.

Led by a scientist from the University of Sussex, news of this game-changing breakthrough towards creating a universal quantum computer was published this week in the journal, Science Advances.

It is the first actual industrial blueprint to construct such a large-scale machine.

Professor Winfried Hensinger, head of the Ion Quantum Technology Group at the University of Sussex, who has been leading this research, said: “For many years, people said that it was completely impossible to construct an actual quantum computer. With our work we have not only shown that it can be done but now we are delivering a nuts and bolts construction plan to build an actual large-scale machine.”

Expected to fill a large building, the quantum computer would be able to solve some problems that an ordinary computer would take billions of years to compute. It would have the potential to answer many questions in science; create new, lifesaving medicines; solve the most mind-boggling scientific problems; and unravel the yet unknown mysteries of the furthest reaches of deepest space.

The new blueprint – the work of an international team of scientists from the University of Sussex (UK), Google (USA), Aarhus University (Denmark), RIKEN (Japan) and Siegen University (Germany) – has been made public to ensure scientists throughout the world can collaborate and further develop this brilliant, groundbreaking technology as well as to encourage industrial exploitation.

As a next step, the team will construct a prototype quantum computer, based on this design, at the University of Sussex.

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Milestone moment for quantum computing


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