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Biotechs urged to tackle SDGs

Biotechnology companies around the world are being asked to help UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The international blueprint for achieving a sustainable world, the SDGs are becoming a key priority for most industries.

And a new online network, HelloScience, is providing a platform for biotechs to play their part in delivering the SDGs. The first theme it’s addressing is water scarcity, with a call from UNICEF among the first tasks. 

Speaking to Innovators Magazine for a feature on HelloScience in our upcoming biotechnology special edition, Daniel Cardinali, the Head of HelloScience at Novozymes, told us: “The SDGs are too complex to be solved by any one individual or organisation. The consensus is that we must collaborate to solve these challenges. We need collaboration to bring fresh ideas and new perspectives. Working with people from different disciplines leads to new ways of thinking, better solutions and faster progress.  

“HelloScience, an open innovation community created by Novozymes, aims to address exactly this. It provides an online network for researchers, entrepreneurs, NGOs, companies and startups to collaborate in tackling the SDGs together. The driving force is the ambition to transform our world for the better. 

“HelloScience is our attempt to find new and unlikely partnerships by empowering startups and researchers to develop their technologies and applications faster. Everyone is welcome.”

The biotechnology edition featuring HelloScience will be out later next week.

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